I'm trying to set up a custom search ad, but I am nost sure about the query.

On the site it says:

'query' should be dynamic based on your page. This variable targets the ads and therefore should always match what the user on your site has just performed a search for.

Now, what I understand is: I have to program my page so that the query variable contains some custom words. Am I right?

If a user gets to my site through clicking on an AdSense, there is no way to "know" what the user looked for and display my query accordingly, right?

  • How did you get this to work? Anyone get it to work with Wordpress? – user32035 Oct 16 '13 at 15:56

Can you post a link to your site so I can answer better?

Custom search ads are intended for search engines. Is your site a search engine? If so, it should have a query box, which you should integrate into the code.

If your site is not a search engine, then you should use regular adsense.

Have you applied and been approved for Adsense custom search ads? Using it requires special approval per site.


I found out the answer, and it it yes, you have to program your javascript to grab the search parameters and put them into the "query" variable inside the adsense code!

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