What is the best way to detect bot generated activity (clicks/page visits) etc on a asp.net website? We have a website where we track leads generated to external websites, we track the IP of the user that generates the lead however we are seeing a lot of leads generated by Google and other search bots. What is the best way to filter this activity. I have heard of testing user agent strings and filtering based on know IP addresses, both available as data dumps from various sources, I am not sure which is the best one to use.

Thank you.

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Like @Kinopiko said, Bots, esepcialy the top ones like google, or bing leave a clear UserAgent.

I don't know what your code looks like so I can't tell you what to do but to find the UserAgent in Asp.Net you look at Request.UserAgent in any WebForm, CodeBehind, or MVC Controller.

  • Thank you, my code in asp.net looks very similar to the check shown below. The reason I was doubtful about the reliability of my check is that some sites are selling lists of known bot user agents that contains more than a few thousand bots, however based on replies here I feel checking for the top bots should suffice.
    – user1081
    Commented Jul 28, 2010 at 8:00

Sorry but I have no idea about asp.net websites, but any reputable search engine will be sending you a user agent string which tells you it's a bot, and that should be available in your log file. Another giveaway is that they look for /robots.txt.

My checker looks like this (Perl):

sub is_bot
    my ($user_agent) = @_;
    if ($user_agent =~
    |princeton crawler
    /x) {
    return 1;

If you look in the source code of awstats you'll find something better than the above.

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