I have a simple HTML+PHP website. Google prefers the fresh content in my niche .. but I don't know how can I tell google the published date or the last modified date of any page on my website.

I searched a lot about the way but I can't find anything, most of content talking about WordPress SEO plugins. I want to display the last modification date beside my webpage description exactly like this:

enter image description here

Is it a JavaScript code or HTML code or meta tag code, or what?


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To specify your dates, use the HTML element time with the attribute datetime. Use the ISO 8601 format to specify the value of this attribute, specifying the UTC offset for your locale, e.g.:

<time datetime="2022-05-01T09:00+01:00">May 1, 2022</time>

Read more Dates and times from Google.

For structured data markup, use DateTime.

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