I have a site title, let's say "My site" inside an h1 tag, where I would like to use an inline SVG instead of the letter i. Something like the following:

"My s<svg ... />te"

Googling hasn't helped me much. I would like to know if this would affect SEO negatively?

If so, how can I still provide Search engines the site name as "My Site" while still using the SVG?

Is there any option similar to alt attribute that we use for an image?

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My opinion is that it will not hurt it. SVG is an XML-based format that is well supported by Google, so I think it will be understood correctly.

  • You really think that Google would be able to see s<svg ... />te as the word site? Unless the svg image just rendered the letter i as text, I don't even see how Google would be able to do that, and even in that case, I doubt that it would work. Apr 6 at 14:54
  • You are hastily criticizing something you haven't tested. I recommend you to test and then judge.
    – Maniac
    Apr 8 at 19:55

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