I use Google Custom Search Engine (a.k.a. Google Programmable Search Engine) on a website. I have added a search box to a page and search results are displayed on another page (the URL of search results page contains the searched term like this: www.example.com/search?q=PRODUCT)

I would like to set up Google Analytics 4 to generate a report of the most frequently searched terms.

Is it possible to configure GA4 to generate such reports automatically (like it was possible with UA)?

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Set up a programmable search engine

  • Create a Google Programmable Search Engine for your website.

  • Choose a search engine type that displays search results on your own website with a query parameter name embedded in the url (e.g. "?q=").

  • Add the search engine's codes to your site.

Set up Google Analytics 4

  • Create a new GA4 property.

  • Enable "Enhanced measurement" and make sure capturing "Site Search" is turned on.

  • Add GA4 code to your website or add GA4 to your website with Google Tag Manager ( recommended ).

  • From now on, sites searches on your website get recorded by Google Analytics.

See the results

( It may take 24-48h hours to get the results in Google Analytics after the first search. )

  • Open the "Exploration" tab on Google Analytics.

  • Create a new "Free From".

  • Click on the plus sign to create a new "Dimension" and choose "Site Search".

  • Add "Site Search" to the "Rows" panel.

  • Add "Event Count" to the "Values" panel.

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