I have 2 domains. One is hosted with google domains and the other with Namecheap. I don't really care which one I use as the primary or if I even end up using 2 for my purposes.

I would like to be able to do sub.domain.example and have it hit a IP using a certain port. Google domains will let me do this from 1 domain to another but it shows the hand off. So I go to sub.domain.example and it shows my redirect in the address bar as domain2.example:1234.

I want it to just stay in the address bar as sub.domain.example but hit my IP using the specific port and do a different port for a different sub.

I have an SSL cert rolling on 1 domain and google will make one on the other one easily.

I think I need a SRV record but I cant seem to get it to work.


It is not possible to do what you are asking [ for HTTP/HTTPS ] - Unfortunately - and I wish this were not the case, the protocol does not recognize SRV records or any equivalent structure.

Possible workaround -

  • Run a reverse proxy on sub.domain.com to pick up data off domain.2.com:1234 (this will push all the traffic through the subdomain proxy though). If, for example, you are running a service on port 1234 on an Apache webserver you can configure Apache with ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse rules to do this.

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