Most of my posts in search console are showing

URL is on Google, but has issues

I checked Crawl Page more info section and found out the blog post with many images show other error and the image link as shown below:

enter image description here

Important Notes:

  • Posts with few images crawled successfully and show "URL is available to Google"

  • The same post with many images show "URL is available to Google" without any error when I performed "Page Live Test"

enter image description here

I understood it's because of the Crawl Budget limit! So my questions are

  • Is "URL is on Google, but has issues" error will affect my ranking on google?
  • Should I set images to no index to avoid crawl budget limit
  • Although I only have around 500 posts, I would like to know why I am facing crawl budget issue)
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    Do you know what the "other error" from your screenshot is? Does search console give you more info if you click on that? – Stephen Ostermiller Jul 24 at 16:47

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