I am using Polylang plugin for the WordPress Website.

  1. Primary language is English.
  2. Secondary language is Deutsch.

Home page, other pages and posts contains images and text links - which are internally linked with other articles. All of these anchor texts contains links of primary language. All these links are opening in a new tab.

When someone seeing a page in Secondary lanugage "Deutsch" then she sees images and text links. When she clicks on these links then ideally she should see a page in Deutch language, although, she sees the next page in English language.

What's the solution for this? Is it because the page opens in a new window?

For Polylang -> Settings -> URL Settings I have selected URL Modification - "The language is set from the directory name in pretty permalinks"


All internal links should open in the same tab, target="_blank" is an wrong practice!

But this is not the cause of the error. Check the rest of the language plugin settings.

PolyLang plugin settings

For example, you can visit website, which uses the Polylang plugin and Deutsch as secondary language, like this:

Official website of Nonwovens manufacturer in German https://sinta-d.com/de/hauptseite/

and check how to it code enter image description here

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