After submitting my sitemap.xml url to Search Console, I'm getting emails about a "coverage issue" and that example.com/sitemap.html has a meta no-follow on it.

I imagine the Wordpress plug-in I used has something that generates an .html sitemap as well as an .xml, which is fine, and it makes sense that that page would have a no-follow. But in Search Console, I don't see anyway to indicate that this page doesn't need to be indexed and that this is not an issue.

How can I mark this issue as resolved?

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It looks, like you submitted this html-sitemap to GSC as if it would be your main sitemap - if not main, then at least having equal importance as the xml-sitemap. Thats why GSC alerts you about noindexed url containing in the sitemap.

I would

  1. inspect your sitemap setup: which sitemap(s) is/are submitted to GSC?
  2. Then i would make sure, that the xml-sitemap is valid. It is valid if it doesn't contain:

    • non-200,
    • canonicalized,
    • noindex-ed or
    • closed with robots.txt URLs).
  3. After it i would adjust the setup so, that GSC has only one single submitted sitemap - the xml one.

My thought: after in GSC appears single valid xml-sitemap, the coverage issue disppears.

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