In numerous sites I have been reading, they say that you must use rel="noreferrer noopener" when using target="_blank" within external links.

I can understand why you should use noopener as a precaution against reverse tabnapping and also for performance benefits. I also understand using noreferrer for older browsers such as Firefox versions 51 and below due to the fact they do not support noopener, but as suggested in GitHub:

Trying to cater to older browsers is futile because there are numerous other security exploits those browsers are susceptible to. If the user wants to be secure, then the user should be using the latest browser.
- mojavelinux's comment (May 1, 2017)

Using noreferrer also affects Google Analytics data, and with the following stats:

What is the current stance regarding use of noreferrer within target="_blank" external links? Must it still be used for security purposes or can it now be dropped?

  • Presumably you are referring to external site links? – DocRoot Jun 8 at 21:02
  • Sorry yes @DocRoot I have edited to suit – Chris Rogers Jun 8 at 21:05

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