My website is indexed and ranking well. I can see the posts with the videos in the "All" tab.

Sadly not a single one of my posts is visible in the "Videos" tab and 99% of the content is videos.

I’m using a video sitemap.


I see you have tagged this post with video sitemap so I am assuming you have one functioning on your website? Have you also submitted this to Google Search Console? I would also recommend using schema mark up to aid your appearance in video results. This Google Developer article covers video sitemaps and schema mark up in an overview and links out to the more in-depth details of the best practice for both.

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  • Hi Kirsty, I am very very new to this thing. I think we are using schema, yet I am not sure. Is it possible that you take a look? I wasn't able to find a way to send a private message, but if you can take a look it will be awesome, if I need to pay up I will gladly do so as well. Btw I am on wordpress. Best regards, – Ivan Kurtlakov Jan 23 '17 at 11:55

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