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Who Am I?

I am an enthusiast and passionate individual who follows the mantra of whole round development. Multitasking is what keeps me engrossed and away from dull life (what is it by the way?! ).

During The College..

I was a decent student during my undergrad college scoring a CGPA of 8.77 after being a "9 point someone", 4 out of the 8 times (a.k.a. semesters). And if you are thinking of me as a bookworm, kindly read "Who Am I?" section again.

I have around 15 podium finishes in dramatic events (like street plays, mad adds, etc.) apart from being at important executive positions of clubs and fests including:

  1. Vice President of Indian Society for Technical Education
  2. Category Head during College Tech Fest (Techtatva)
  3. Co-founder and cultural head of ADA (Absolute Dramatics Addiction)
  4. Board member of Music and Fine Arts Club
  5. Part of Student Council as one of the placement Coordinators
  6. Class Representative of my section, etc.

During my college days, I was a networking freak and was among the very few to be CCNA certified. My major industrial trainings also were involved around networking.


It's been nearly 6.5 years for me working as a full stack developer in the Software Engineering world. For being industry ready to meet up to date requirements, I have successfully completed following certifications:

  1. MongoDB for DBAs
  2. MongoDB for Java Delevopers
  3. OCA Level-1

Seeking a true contributor who goes beyond what’s required to exceed project goals? Contact me : || 9886248979

Specialties: Java, Microservices, Cloud, Web Applications (especially mWeb - PWA/AMP), Mobile Applications, Java, J2EE, JavaScript, Dojo, ExtJs, Accessibility, RESTful Services, MongoDB, Oracle DB, CCNA.

Full Details available on LinkedIn Profile

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