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From being a 12 years old kid who have set-up a technology laboratory in the loft of our family home and wiretapping each room with secret microphones, to currently owning and operating dozens of websites and SAAS tools reaching out to millions of users each month, I help digital agencies and businesses with strategies and advice on how to leverage digital marketing in the best way possible.

I conduct in-depth case studies on successful and unsuccessful websites, and I share my findings on social media, most notably on my YouTube channel and Linkedin.

If you are a digital agency, and you are unsure whether you are applying the right strategies to your clients' websites, get in touch for a consultancy session and we'll make sure that you will be on the right path, and that your services will have a profound positive effect on your clients' web presence. I have studied hundreds of successful websites, both in terms of SEO and the technical aspects of their websites, and we'll definitely find a way to make your SEO and digital marketing work.

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