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Is Alexa Rank a true representation of growth?
9 votes

Short answer: Definitely no. Alexa a very bad representation of growth especially for small sites. We run a couple of sites and the numbers are way off especially when the traffic is low. Like the ...

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Google reports a sudden increase in 404 errors from crawling pages
2 votes

This could happen in the case you have a lot of URL parameters which usually result in a lot of pages being created -Googlebot automatically ensures that not all of these are indexed. However, when ...

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Why would the Alexa traffic rank be low and Alexa have no information about visitors?
1 votes

What it does mean is that the Alexa Rank being shown is either wrong or useless. The site must be fairly new with very low traffic. At low traffic, Alexa has doesn't have many data points (based on ...

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Google Search Console - Which Properties Should I Add?
Accepted answer
1 votes

As Google clearly says, you should add all versions of your site as follows http://example.com http://www.example.com and the 2 https versions. What does "... site supports ..." mean? Well, it ...

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Why Google brought us mostly US traffic only
0 votes

It could be the way your content is structured and created. You could be creating a lot of content with local relevance and local keywords - my guess is that you are using words like US, America or ...

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