I am a lead developer with two degrees in computer science. I have a background in computer (desktop and laptop) and projector repair as well as tech support for multiple companies.

Most of my development is done in PHP and JavaScript. I have dabbled in Ruby, Java, Python, and others.

In my position I find myself mostly working in Drupal 8 and Laravel. But I have worked with WordPress, OpenCart, Magento (ick!), OSCommerce, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel, and I have a dabbled in numerous other frameworks and CMSes. I am not shy at trying new libraries, tools, and systems. I have worked with MySQL and other RDBMS solutions. I have spent a little bit of time learning MongoDB and CouchDB.

My skills are wide and varying. I am a hiring manager and have lead multiple teams of developers for several projects. My skills continue to grow and enhance.

I am a nerd through and through and try to absorb and analyze every bit of knowledge I come across. My interests span through everything. Astronomy, Physics, Geology, Woodworking, Home Repair, Building and Creating things, and anything electronics.