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Comment spammer IP list?
4 votes

In addition to the other recommendations, I would also check Project Honeypot, it allows you to check by the IP address of the request if they have exhibited malicious activity in the past (the lookup ...

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Similar URLs for same page
3 votes

If you have the proper canonical page link on the page, then search engines shouldn't treat the pages different. However, from a SEO perspective, there's no definitive answer one way or another (...

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Tracking Facebook "Likes"
Accepted answer
1 votes

You can use the Facebook Graph API, passing the URL of the page to it in the following format:<url> Where <url> is the url you wish to get the like ...

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Is DiscountASP a good host choice for an app that will have mostly foreign traffic?
1 votes

It depends on how affected your site would be by latency; DiscountASP.NET offers two datacenter locations, the USA (and I believe based on my sites, that it is in California) and Europe (which I ...

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