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It's Me!

Depending on when you start counting, I have between 15 and 25 years of experience in a bit of everything; from Ultrasonics, Satellites, DSP, Embedded, Aerospace, CRM, and Web. Mostly I have worked with scientific and engineering apps. Yet I'm still still learning. :) Favorite language: C#.

As a word to the... well these people: there isn't a best way, the "best-practices" aren't agreed, style Qs will get you lots of points here but are lame, and TPDM(tm). The most we really have in software is worst practices, and it's not really possible to figure out what would be a good UI/design/whatever for your application unless you give us some code or something to go on. Sorry to disappoint. :)

On Coding Style

I am at pragmatic at heart! Don't listen to those that preach "The One True Style". Assertions and bullying do not make them right! Listen to reason. Some bully, some keep it to themselves, others offer suggestions. (Style is like religion in this way.) If you have things that work, stick with them. Much of style is simply convention, aesthetics, art! Assuming no real technical difference, be an artist! Also, don't forget that every skilled developer has good reason for their style and be open-minded and learn from them. Be as soft and as yielding as water.

I am an unofficial member and unofficial founder of the unofficial "Jon Skeet Beat Me to it Fan Club" ♡.

Some Heroes

 • +♡ ×100: @Jon Skeet 2011-08-16, for not 
            bullying someone for coding style
 • +♡ × 10: @e.e. cummings: showed it can be
             meaningful to break rules



I'm can't just whip stuff out in seconds, and I have an obsessive nature to overdo my answers. (That's just part of my nature.) Yet, it's helped me develop several complex systems through production, and I wrote it to be flexible enough that the systems were still being used and enhanced ten years on. Though I can make what are simple mistakes, I can also develop a fairly complete ultrasonic application in six months! (true story) I'm can lose details. But I'm good at (creating) complex systems because my brain hold about 4 things at once.

I have proved myself over many years to be a insert self-assured term here, and I see things in a way that not all others do, so I have much of value to offer here. I'm doing my best to help, although I've failed on occasion. I am too wordy. (TL;DR girl to the rescue!) But I want to help people! If I'm lucky I've helped at least one person get an extra night of sleep, or a free weekend, or to see their wife a few more hours. If not, I will keep trying. :) I try to focus only on the answers and the users, because TPDM™.

Historical Note

oh yes, if you're wondering: i don't didn't capitalize because i end up using all my extra capitals on acronyms and CamelCasing ;)

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