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I am always an enthusiastic software engineer who wants to produce software that can reach common people. Open-source software can serve this purpose.And I'm a open-source developer and a blogger.

  1. Worked as team lead for for a start-up, acquired knowledge about python, django and android development.

  2. Worked as project intern for Cheers technologies, contributed questions and codes for the client

  3. Worked with happay team. (Built the market for happay)

  4. Developing DNA computers with my own team which is going to be funded by Microsoft ventures accelerator, have good networks in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR, Noida, Pune and Milpitas, California.

  5. An enthusiastic, open-source developer who has the right mind set for starting a company. My ideas are being liked and supported by top employees of various IT companies.

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