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Hi everyone,

I'm a German expat living in the Philippines (now back in Germany) where I quality manage a little dental office in Timog, Quezon City (now remotely).

I had a lot of free time on my hands in the last 6 months (7 years), so I decided to learn a little (some) code to make a hand-crafted website (now a couple). This grew out of necessity after we had hired a web designer who basically ran away with the payment without actually creating anything.

So, I made a responsive Wordpress site that I customized a bit, with the help of many, many, many youtube-tutorials, CSS-blogs and of course Stackoverflow :) It's not yet 100% finished (it never is), but brings in the occasional educated patient.

My original background is languages (linguistics), and I decided to treat HTML and CSS as 'languages' too: in a moment of frustration, very similar to that frustration I felt back when I was 5 years old and my parents were reading and writing in front of me, I just felt that I couldn't take it anymore not being able to read and write computer code.

I'm still far from being a coding guru, but now after some self-study, I'm able to create websites that are arguably better than what you get with 'quick-and-easy-website-builders' and arguably worse than what an expert would create with a tweaked theme etc. but definitely getting there

I enjoy StackOverflow as a tremendously helpful resource in my life-long learning journey.

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