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I do Java, some C/C++ and Objective-C / iOS. I also do XML and XML Schema/XSLT/XQuery/XPATH, audio/video file formats, search (SOLR), REST, SOAP, JSON, SQL & EJB-QL, complex multithreading, XML parsers and serializers, GUI toolkits + XUI, TCP/UDP networking, caches (custom, EhCache), performance (JVM) testing/benchmarking, JBoss, Eclipse + plugins, some Intellij, Linux (desktop + server), Windows, Mac, some JQuery/Angular/Bootstrap, NFC/NDEF, Android, SOA - BPMN 2.0 on ActiveVOS and Camunda, Mule ESB, Camel, ACR NFC Readers on PC and Android, Amazon EC2, OpenShift, Shopify, Banking, Open source, encryption, security & OWASP. I love beer but don't consume much these days.

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