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How should I structure my URLs for both SEO and localization?
15 votes

In my opinion, you should use either the folder or subdomain approach, because they are more intuitive to the user. Which one is a matter of personal taste, I personally find the folder approach ...

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Websites to detect who hosts a website?
5 votes

One way of getting some initial information is to look at the domain's registration record. This sometimes gives you clues about whose server the website is hosted on by looking at the DNS server ...

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Is an animated favicon.ico a bad idea? Are there cool uses of animated favicon.ico out there?
2 votes

I guess an animated favicon is like all others animated GIFs : done right, it can be awesome and really add up to your website. But make sure not to overuse it, as it can really get visually annoying !...

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What file manager/uploader do you use with your embeded wysiwyg editor?
Accepted answer
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I found this free editor for CKEditor 3.x : FileManager. I has not been updated for some times though, and seems to have a few bugs. I found a fork on github that seems to fix some of them and adds ...

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