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Hi! I'm Muhammad Minhaj, who's a skilled and passionate full-stack web & mobile apps developer with extensive experience in teamwork. full-stack web development background and experience in JavaScript/TypeScript (Including MERN stack, GraphQL, and React-Native), Data structures, Algorithms, and Agile development methodologies & REST-based Web-services help to effectively handle independent projects, engage with the clients and analyze the requirements to identify and troubleshoot issues, provide support for production, collaborate as part of a productive team. Adaptable and curious specialist, able to learn and apply new technologies quickly and always keeps plenty of patience to deal with any situation, and who's also ready to face any challenges that are related to the technology.

Programming Languages: JavaScript, and familiar with TypeScript. Front-end: React,React-Native, NextJs, Bootstrap, Material-UI,TailwindCSS, HTML5, CSS3.

Back-end: NodeJS(RT), ExpressJS, NestJS, GraphQL.

State management: Redux, React-Redux, React Context API

Database: MySQL, MongoDB

Testing: Jest

Development Tools: Figma, Git(Version Control), Postman, Web Strom, Visual Studio Code, and Android Studio.

Methodologies: Agile.

Thanks & regards!

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