Developing iOS apps using Xcode since iOS 6.

Proficient in Objective-C, Swift, SwiftUI. So I can develop macOS apps now too.

Learning to use John Sundell's Publish and a stack of HTML code along with it.

Beginning to learn Python, primarily so I can build IoT projects using my RasPi.

Apart from a Year 10 Computer Science class in high school working with a BBC micro (yes I am that old), I've had no other formal computer science training.

I've spent over twenty-five years as contract administrator, project manager and project director in the building and construction industry.

My digital life is spent immersed in Xcode and an immense music collection and my analogue life is spent growing large amounts of food in our vegetable gardens, designing and planning to (one day soon) build a home and undertaking contract work in the construction and ICT industries.