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No, the search console also displays sitemaps that are referenced in the robots.txt file. As well as maps submitted though the GSC.


In my experience - yes. But this isn't tied to the indexing of sitemap urls. Submitting of the sitemap into GSC helps you just to monitor your sitemap urls. However the sitemap can be discovered by Googlebot independently of GSC submission. And Google is able to index your sitemap urls independently of the fact the sitemap was submitted into GSC or not. ...


You should firstly decide, what to do at first: prevent indexing, or prevent crawling? Both at the same time isn't possible. Lets assume, your pagination is already indexed. Than you should firstly de-index it, and then prevent crawling. Do it on the following way: De-index. 1.1. If you can, add to each paginated page the meta tag <meta name="robots" ...

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