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Where to install WHMCS

You can install WHMCS anywhere. There is no 'best place'. In terms of security, you may want to segregate your other services (such as DNS and email) that are often provisioned with a control panel, ...
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How Can I Update WHMCS Domain Pricing For 1st - 10th year (with all years in between) from a .csv please

If you are "starting out and on an extremely low budget" WHMCS is the wrong choice. They have recently increased their prices significantly to the point where I regard it as "gouging&...
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How to use whm/cpanel for email (box) for a website in AWS (EC2)

This should be pretty simple. All you need to do is configure your DNS records so your site works from the AWS server and your emails work from Namecheap. You should do this in the panel to which the ...
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why I can't login to cPanel, shows error Maximum Users Exceeded?

That error means that the cPanel license has been suspended because the server has too many users. You can find out what kind of license you have by putting your server's IP into the following form: ...
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How can I stop WHMCS install folder from reinstalling every day?

I'm not sure what's causing the problem, but you can probably work around it by adding an empty install directory, and setting the permissions to read-only. ie rm -rf install mkdir install chmod ...
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