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Labelling website as optimized

I don't think the modern search engines care about "older" phone compatibility. If the site is mobile-friendly in modern terms, the spiders will detect that and search engines that report it, will. ...
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What could cause a page to stop from appearing on StumbleUpon?

Well, this is little bit too broad because there could be a numerous reasons for this, but I'll try to narrow down. You are banned. From this article here you can see many reasons for account being ...
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Traffic from traffic exchange redirect to my website

AdSense will ban you, if traffic quality is not good at all, that's simple reason is apply to all website. They have solid algorithm to identify such a quality traffic, for example if I visit your ...
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How do you 'do' SEO past on-page optimization?

For the last few years, I've been into PR, so I think I'm qualified for answering this question. So to make it simple: You have on-page optimization, including technical SEO audit and content creation ...
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What are the making money option available if the Adsense, Affiliate Marketing not working because of country culture?

Without having any knowledge about your country, one Google search yileded the following website: This post not ...
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Is it acceptable to sell a website+domain without including hosting?

Why not? It's really up to you and the buyer to negotiate what they want. Any experienced web person will probably have their preferred hosting service and will want to move the hosting to their own ...
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Segmentation of user who have visited a certain page during a time period

I think segments are the way to get at what you want; segments are the only way I know to connect specific user behavior across sessions (cohort analysis may get there, but it currently cannot scope ...
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How do I edit the page title in pages created with

According to the G Suite Learning Center documentation, there are three aspects involved to naming your site: Site document name—Enter a unique name to keep track of your site. The site document ...
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What are the making money option available if the Adsense, Affiliate Marketing not working because of country culture?

I'm afraid I'm not to knowledgable about your particular country and what networks are allowed or indeed publish in a particular language. But to name a few which are normally quite flexible : ...
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Promote a website on social media using domain redirect to avoid being marked as spam

I have a website and I want to promote it on different social media platform. However, I don't want to be treated like spammer... Don't make your website look like something terrible to people and ...
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How to populate a social-focused website

A common but not to well accepted practice is to duplicate content from a variety of other sources to kickstart the process. Another more accepted method is to preload the site with a range of "fake" ...
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