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Website design is the process of planning and creating websites that can be read/viewed by web browsers

Website design (also known as web design) is the process planning, designing, and creating a websites. This term refers to how they are layed out and viewed by the user.

Web design includes:

Selecting typefaces, and colours that fit the brand

The web design will incorporate elements of the brand - such as colour scheme and fonts.

Deciding the presentation of the page, and where certain elements go

This makes sure that the user of the website will know where to look for things.

Adding the navigation, and choosing where it goes and how it works

To navigate round the website, the design often includes navigation so the user can navigate around.

Choosing how the website works, eg. interactive areas of the site

The design also chooses how the website will work, often through interactive areas.

The terms web design and web development are used interchangeably. They are both used to mean how the website is coded - eg. frontend in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, or backend in PHP or SQL. They are also used to mean how the website looks.