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Its not bad practice, but it is not a best practice either. It is generally believed that Google uses information implied in the URL for SEO purposes, and, of-course, when communicating the URL with someone this is likely needlessly long. I note that sites like stack overflow use a unique ID but not a UUID. (A UUID is a long string which is expected (but ...


Implementing server side caching is usually the best way to make your web app perform better. The idea is to store data locally in memory between requests to reduce database lookups. First request for /page Database hit for contents of page (100ms) Store contents in local cache (10ms) Return page to user (100ms) Total request time: 210ms All subsequent ...


Unless your software (e.g. WordPress) has some sort of caching built in or as an addon you can do it by manipulating headers. This article explains it well In short, you need to add some headers that instruct the visitor's browser how long before content is regarded as "...


Unfortunately, it looks like no. According to their Valid SVG requirements, the svg can only have "One path element". Since duotone icons use multiple paths to differentiate the two tones (primary and secondary), it seems like we're stuck with 1 color for now.

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