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Is using nested spans in HTML 5 valid?

Nesting span tags is valid HTML. A span tag is non-semantic markup intended for grouping inline content, and is a valid wrapper for phrasing content. This includes tags like strong, em, time, and etc,...
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Is using the <u> tag invalid or bad for SEO?

The reason it was marked invalid is because it was deprecated, i.e. at the time you tested it was no longer part of the current HTML spec. It's now been reintroduced to the HTML5 spec, albeit with a ...
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Is using nested spans in HTML 5 valid?

This looks like a job for a div: <div class="fake-input"> <span id="fake-input"></span> <span id="deftext">No file selectedspan</span> </div> If you wanted to ...
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Google Structured Data Testing Tool Repeat Error: "The URL could not be rendered. Some markup may be missing."

After: isolating error triggers assessing what all the error triggers had in common (they all referred to external .svg files) The answer is: Google Structured Data Testing Tool doesn't yet know ...
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Should I ignore W3 CSS Validation Service?

W3C errors (css or html) increase the chances of your site not rendering correctly across all devices. You should worry about the css errors and get them fixed. There is an awesome W3C Validator ...
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Validating emails

The first step would be to do a check on the domain to identify the mail exchangers using the command... nslookup -q=mx You should receive a response similar to... Non-authoratative ...
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Are better SSL certificates (better type or better encryption) better for SEO?

There are lots of websites that provide free SSL certificates (like cloudflare, letsencrypt, google firebase and (Only for their blogs), (Only for their blogs)...) and ...
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Can I use <icon> element in HTML5? It fails the W3C validator

Two things: Include a reference link in your <head></head> the same way you would link your CSS file: <link rel="stylesheet" href="
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BIMI SVG validation error

Solved! I used all the SVG conversion tools listed and still it failed validation. It turns out that Wordpress was stripping the baseProfile tag from the SVG file, causing it to fail validation. I'm ...
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W3C validation error: aria-controls attribute must point to an element in the same document

I was able to solve this issue by replacing the aria-controls value with the id of the nav element. Works and passes validation.
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HTML validation: is it worth it?

Google and Bing do not, have not and will never use CSS or HTML validation as a ranking factor. The majority of websites have dozens to hundreds of errors and you need not worry about them because ...
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