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This is not possible without the help of a third party tool/spider/bot that has already crawled these redirects and stored this information (eg. a search engine). At you have no way of knowing whether the request arrived via a redirection from example.redirect, since the request comes from the client's machine (user-agent) not example....


Steve's answer is mostly correct: it is indeed possible for the content to differ between http and https versions of the page. One correction I'd suggest is that you don't actually need to do a redirect to accomplish this. For instance, with the Apache webserver, you could use the "Listen" directive to direct requests to different DocumentRoots. (...


It is possible to display different content for http or https by redirecting via htaccess, but then it would be a different page that would be loading. https is simply loading a SSL certificate, I suspect in very close to 100% of cases, the same page with the same content would be loaded.

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