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It is not possible to do what you are asking [ for HTTP/HTTPS ] - Unfortunately - and I wish this were not the case, the protocol does not recognize SRV records or any equivalent structure. Possible workaround - Run a reverse proxy on to pick up data off (this will push all the traffic through the subdomain proxy though). ...


Namecheap does not offer HTTPS for redirects. It would be better to implement the redirect at your hosting company so that they can do HTTPS for the redirect. This page has instructions about half way down for adding both www and no-www to Firebase and setting one to redirect to the other


While search engines can recognise these kinds of URL, I can't see them being considered search engine friendly as anything after the ? would be considered a key or value. Its fairly standard now to use address rewriting to represent URLs containing strings as URLs with an artificial path (WordPress calls these permalinks). This is typically done in the ...


The short answer is that your web hosting provider is not running an HTTPS server on the IP address associated with their webserver. (As indicated by ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED ). I posit that if this is a default Namecheap setup that this is something they would need to rectify, but they may not be in a position to do so due to the substantial added complexity ...

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