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RewriteRule ^/contact/?view=full$ /contact/ [R=301,L] The RewriteRule pattern matches against the URL-path only, which notably excludes the query string. So, the above directive won't match the required URL. To match the query string you need to use an additional condition and check against the QUERY_STRING server variable. Also, in .htaccess (directory ...


Yes, the order of the "directories" matters. Google can't distinguish between a parameter-generated rewrite and "real" subdirectories, so it would see any different ordering of parameters as completely separate pages, and consider them duplicate content.

3 Everything after the file index.php in the URL is called "additional pathname information" (or path-info for short). Whether this is valid on the URL is, by default, dependent on the file handler - in this case the PHP handler. And the PHP handler allows path-info. This information is available in ...

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