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How to upload a prepared html page on Google sites?

The only way to edit a site created with Google Sites is through the Google Sites editor. It is not possible to upload an HTML file or even to edit the HTML of the page the editor creates for you. ...
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Where to upload my files to on openshift?

Very similar question on StackOverflow here If you're looking to find the webroot of your application running its app-root/runtime/repo. However, I would strongly suggest you make changes ...
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Using BLOB's for Small Magazine - PHP / MySQL

I'm building a small magazine website which I plan on using daily, but I'm wondering if I should store my article images and videos as physical files or as BLOB in my MySQL Table. Physical files. ...
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How do I increase the upload size in Wordpress?

Josip has given a great explanation. Here's other way you can do it. Locate wp-config.php file in your file manager. There you can search using (Command + F), for this function: define('...
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Users upload images via text message

There are a large number of sms gateway providers who offer this service. Firstly there is no need to have a unique number for each user, you can have a single number that all members send images to ...
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