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To answer your question: no, looks like that's not the cause. It wouldn't be the tracking parameters because you mentioned that some conversions are being picked up, and others not. If it was the parameters, it'd be absolute: either always worked, or always broke. I think there's something wrong with your GTM/pixel or the SPA itself. I recommend that you ...


I suspect it is because the URLs you are using in your ads are formatted like instead of Looks like any of the typical URLs without the '/' redirect to the trailing slash versions. Sometimes the UTM parameters fail to persist through the redirect chain and also Google Analytics sometimes mistakes ...


Fourth party refers to any number of script/pixel chains beyond your 3rd party pixel/scripts. In practice, anytime you add a third party script, that script can then load a another party's script or pixel that can track you. This is a fourth party ad tracking. Here's an example from Google and Doubleclick From

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