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How to show line numbers for HTML in Developer Tools?

What you're viewing may appear to be HTML, but it's not really HTML in the sense of a text document that has meaningful line numbers. It's the live Document Object Model (DOM) for the page, and it's ...
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Domain Authority and Page Authority staying on 1

Judging by WayBack Machine, your site has existed since around September this year — so around 3 months. A cursory look at your backlink profile in Majestic doesn't suggest any high quality links – ...
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What is the tool used to generate the statement SVG images on the SQLite documentation site?

The answers this for you: (25) How are the syntax diagrams (a.k.a. "railroad" diagrams) for SQLite generated? Each diagram is hand-written using the Pikchr ...
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Duplicate CSS files in Firefox Inspector

Yes, it appears as though you may be linked to the CSS through a page that is also linked to another file (JS?) that is also linked to that same CSS. I can't be certain, but that's what it looks like....
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