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Printable characters between two links. How to legally hide so my page still appears correctly?

When you don´t put something in between, are your links even visible / klickable on your page? Normally you would attach a link to a picture like this. <a href="image1"><img src="example....
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Is it a good practice to add text after products?

Sure it is. Category pages should in most cases be indexed anyway, and you want to increase the chances of those showing up in search results. Thus, a few lines of reasonably optimized text will only ...
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Would a long article using SVG rendered letters (rather than a font) be performant (usable and scrollable)?

Tried it out. Took about ~5 seconds to render 10,000 icons as inline svgs locally, and scrolling flashes white a little bit. Didn't do any optimization, don't really know what could be done, but doesn'...
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How does censoring swear words by masking the middle characters with punctuation affect the SEO of a book negatively?

When it comes to SEO, "negative" means a lower page ranking. That being said, in your case you have nothing to worry about. Google will probably categorize this specific word as gibberish. Even then, ...
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"Glitch" text effect and SEO

Just to define your terms, it sounds like "glitch" text is text that has effects applied to it that may make it difficult to read such as: quivering "televisions static" effects looks like it was ...
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What is this symbol (appears before line break)?

Because this visual artifact shows up on your physical device but not in Chrome for Desktop's Device Mode emulation, I wonder if this may be some kind of CSS or other rendering issue rather than a ...
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Is a homepage with little or no text OK for SEO?

A text-light home page is usually fine for SEO. The home page has two important SEO functions: Rank for your brand name. Link to your most important content. Your page with little text and just two ...
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For SEO, can the home page contain summary text about several categories with multiple paragraphs written on more specific pages?

Let me answer from Google's perspective. What are the rules in 2021 for writing text for SEO? Perhaps the following Google recommendations can help: Content and quality questions Does the content ...
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Seobility "Text Duplicate" error from separate mobile and desktop menus

This is not a serious error. It is merely an indication that some link texts are duplicated. In this particular case it is because the menu is present twice in the source code. Once as a menu and once ...
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MediaWiki: Enable text compression

You can activate compression using .htaccess file if your server supports it. Just create a ".htaccess" file on your http root with this contents and run the test again: <ifModule mod_gzip.c> ...
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What is the smallest size of text that is allowed for an Adsense advertisement label?

Are you asking about font size? 6px or larger is advised. Maybe one of these links can help you out.
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Can it be an issue to search engines if a primary image in a webpage is not declared with an image tag?

I don't know why you want to change order but let me clear that Google ads using asynchronous code to load ads without waiting itself i.e. other things can be load without waiting of ads execution. ...
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forcing text-only adsense ads with legal settings

You can follow the instructions located at which specifically deal with configuring which types of ads to show in your ad units. Basically you can ...
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do text ads count as backlinks?

According to Matt Cutts (the Google alter ego) the url text with no link it does not count as link:
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