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How to use Wikipedia templates on an outside MediaWiki?

It's a PITA and unfortunately (unlike extensions or media files) there is no repository of canned templates. Templates load other templates which load others in turn, etc. Templates are there to ...
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SEO - Changing a magento website theme would effect my ranking?

In short: changing your theme very well might affect your rankings. This might be caused by (a combination of) the aspects below: The theme is likely to contain multiple changes to the way on-page ...
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Is duplicating content from other websites onto your own website good or bad for SEO?

You will get slammed. I checked the site you linked. It appears to be boiler plate RSS feed stuff which Google will de-list and at least never rank. We get these questions all the time. The answer ...
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Use a MediaWiki template argument both parsed and unparsed

The wikitext {{{1}}} renders as <blockquote>{{#tag:nowiki|{{{2}}}}}</blockquote> should do the job ({{#tag}} turns XML-style tags into normal parserfuncions, ie. flips the evaluation ...
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Will search engines understand the HTML template tag with client side rendering?

I render them via js when they will be visible If you render server-side, this does not matter at all. If you render client-side, it could affect SEO. Is the "some HTML" part actual HTML? ...
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Will it affect SEO to use one header and footer file or copy the code in every page?

If you do it similar to this: <?php include("templates/header.php") ?> the file will be "included" like its part of the original file. It should not make a difference to ...
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What are user-defined templates in DFP and why are they used?

The templates are a combination of code (html, js, css) and variables. The whole idea is that the variables should be replaced with different values with each campaign afterwards. While the rest of ...
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Why wouldn't a Google Analytics template sharing link work for one person on my team

Try sharing the template link on "custom reports" -->"actions"--->"Share". The custom report needs to be shared. Sharing the dashboard itself will not include custom reports.

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