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1) just add to .htaccess <ifModule mod_expires.c> deny from YOUR.IP </ifModule> 2) refresh your website 3) if you are out of game now, mod_expires is active 4) delete deny from YOUR.IP from ifModule mod_expires.c


As suggested by Josip Ivic, server location plays a very small role in SEO. Use ccTLD which is relevant to the visitor location. Google will automatically give importance to ccTLD domains in your target location and will override the server location. In case, if you have multiple country code domains, then redirect the visitor based on his IP address.


When Googlebot see 404 HTTP status code then they don't index that page at all. It will even remove the indexed pages if they continue to see 404 status for a long time. So hope you understand how Google seriously see 404 status code. You should add functionality like quora, they allowed to view n number of pages before they force user to logged in. ...

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