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The links under "Destinations you might like" appear to be all generated by JavaScript - they don't actually appear in the initial HTML source of the page. This will prevent most "SEO tools" from crawling/seeing these links as they simply don't execute JavaScript and consequently don't see the final rendered page that the user sees. ...


Yes and No depending on how you implement it. The advantage of creating subdirectories on the root of the domain it's easy to maintain and track, or cause any complex i18n issues and a shorter URL help identify the page from a user perspective. But that said I also don't see a problem if there is a strong argument from a technical ...


Google will typically ignore empty header tags. Google has also confirmed or has been cited as saying that using multiple header tags or H1s is completely fine and will not impact, help or hurt, how you rank.


You can test your twitter card configuration using the following aplication


This is likely due to the low quality and square aspect ratio of your twitter image: Twitter renders the card when the image is twice as wide as tall or 16:9 ratio. A square image should not be used. A two color image is not high quality. Most twitter cards contain ...


My answwer to similar question of one of my clients here in Slovenia: What happens if the "SEO Title" is too long or longer than recommended number of characters? Does Google punish it? Or does the latter simply not show up? Are the words - “keywords” in the deleted (not shown) part taken into account in searches? There is no Google penalty to ...

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