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I've never heard any mention from Google that EV certs affect ranking compared to DV certs, and the only material I can find about it online is people who also say that Google has never mentioned this, and people who are speculatively guessing one way or the other. So here's my own speculative guess: I would be incredibly surprised, if after Google stopped ...


On May 18th you changed your nameservers from: to: Old nameservers resolve your name as: ;; ANSWER SECTION: 2h40m IN A ...


Cloudflare is a free solution for redirecting your alternate domains with HTTPS support. Here are detailed instructions for setting it up: Visit Cloudflare Create an account and verify your email address Use the "add a site" feature to add your alternate domain under their free plan. If you are creating an account, it should ask you to do this as a step ...


If you don't have a valid SSL certificate, then it's not possible to redirect HTTPS to HTTP without a warning. To properly issue the redirect, the site needs to have a valid SSL certificate. And if the site has a valid SSL certificate, then at that point it usually makes more sense to just serve the site over HTTPS.

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