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Is there any point in asking users to turn off adblockers?

Sites that ask users to turn off adblock and block their content from adblock users are at risk from deranking their site in the search results. Many SEO experts are now saying that user metrics such ...
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Drastic drop in AdSense click through rate (CTR) from "Visit Site" button on mobile ad clicks

I think my response is little late:) For all people who faced the double click penalty, sudden drop on page CTR, sudden drop on earning; you must change ad placement and ad block with new one because ...
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Does Google AdSense show the revenue by day or by week?

The day icon refers to the interval of the graph along the horizontal axis. In your case, the period of interest is the week of May 5th - May 11th broken down by days. If you choose hour you will ...
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Donations - do they actually work?

There are various reasons which defines if "Donations" will work or not; The cause you're getting donations for. How your donation will help the other people. The gateway of your donation. Let's ...
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