Google Analytics has its own way to calculate metrics that can differ from other platforms. At this point, is important to understand how they calculate exit percentage: For all pageviews to the page, Exit Rate is the percentage that was the last in the session. I assume in your checkout process the URL is always the same, is that right? In that case, in ...


This is possible if your Google Ads URL's are tagged with UTM parameters. (Parameters can be either manually added or auto-tagged.) You also have to make sure you're using the "utm_term" parameter. If the above is true for your campaigns, inside whichever Property you can go to your non-raw data View(s) > click on "Filters" > add a new Custom Filter > ...


There should be no data loss, but the new domain property may take a while to populate. Note that some integrations do not support domain properties yet. Like linking to Google Analytics. I'd not delete any site level properties. Keep them as a backup. Even consider adding the www variants.


Google AdSense doesn't currently offer hourly reports. The most granular they have is "day." You can submit Feedback to Google from your AdSense account saying that you would like this feature. However, Google doesn't typically respond to feedback or act quickly to implement feature requests.


If you would like to exclude multiple cities you must use "does not match regex" and then use your locations in the regular expression. For example if you want to exclude the city of Boardman Oregon, Ashburn Oregon, and (not set) it would look like this location city does not match regex Boardman|Ashburn|(not set) I just noticed that no one knows you can ...

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