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Your question is on a very broad subject so you won't get an actual 100% working answer for it but can chime in with some suggestions. What you have is a scenario and only you know that scenario because you haven't mentioned the keywords and other info (You shouldn't as we don't want that getting crawled here) therefore everything that I say will be just my ...


Generally google tries to show geo-specific or location specific results. Google has several ways of determining target locale, for example: A target locale specified using Search Console's International Targeting report. Country-code top-level domain names (ccTLDs). These are tied to a specific country (for example .de for Germany, .cn for China), and ...


Been a web dev for 23 years and have had all sorts of high- and low-ranking websites. The stuff in common for the high-ranking ones is: Unique and useful content Fast load time Went straight to the point / no bs / nothing annoying

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