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Is it worthwhile to buy my domain name with many top level domains?

It is almost impossible completely "lock up a brand" by buying it for every top level domain. There are hundreds of top level domains with new ones coming online all the time. Only well funded ...
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What should I check when buying a used domain in order to reduce the risk of buying domain with a bad history

Content: You could use the Internet Archive to see whether they have screen shots of what the site has shown in the past. Backlinks: You can do a site: search on Google and Bing to see what they list ...
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Is it worthwhile to buy my domain name with many top level domains?

You want to lock the domain the moment you purchase it in order to secure it to the one domain registrar you are working with. Without locking, someone could sign up and transfer your domain name ...
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Registering a domain as an individual and then assigning it to a company?

Your question depends on the TLD. If it is a gTLD, ICANN rules kick in, see the section "Inter-Registrant Transfer (Change of Registrant)" on https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/transfer-policy-2016-...
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Purchased Domain with a Company that No Longer Exists

You mean their website is down and there is no way to log in to an admin interface ? Most likely we are talking about a reseller, then you need to find out who the upstream registrar is (do a whois ...
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