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Is it possible to transfer a domain without a "gap" in Whois privacy protection?

The new registrar will send an "approval request" (that is what GoDaddy calls it) to your previous (current at the time) registrar. Here is the important part. If the privacy service of the previous (...
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Providing fake info during domain registration - does it matter?

It might best to contact your registrar and see how they handle specific situations. Not all domain extensions provide domain privacy, check before registering domain extensions. Also note that there ...
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Is it possible to transfer a domain without a "gap" in Whois privacy protection?

It's not always possible, for example GoDaddy prevents transfers away from them without disabling the privacy protection first (docs): You can't transfer your domain [...] if your domain has ...
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Registering a domain privately fails to make it private immediately, has my info leaked to third party whois?

If you really do not want your personal information to be visible with 100% guarantee, you need to ask someone else do the registration for you (on their name, but then you will have to make pretty ...
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I run an adult website from a Muslim country where they are illegal, how do I avoid using my real name with domain name registration?

The main reason behind asking for real info is so that in rare cases of an ownership dispute you can prove with authority that you are indeed the owner of a certain domain. Also, ICANN requires you to ...
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