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Ideally, you should be serving an immediate 410 Gone (no "redirect") for these "spam" URLs that you want to be completely removed and a 404 otherwise. Serving a 410 for every non-existent URL is a short term workaround. .htaccess as requested Options +MultiViews Options All -Indexes RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d ...


Although it's not recommended for security reasons, particularly if it's an internet-facing website because it might get abused if coded improperly, it can be configured! You'll need to enable allow_url_include in your php.ini configuration for it to work.


I wouldn't use the 410 error code. It's better to stick with 404 error codes on all those pages you need to remove. That way, you are telling the search engines that they don't indeed exist anymore. They shouldn't redirect either. In the part of the log you posted, it sends the Googlebot through a 301 redirect. Try to send just the 404. Once you are sure ...

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