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Does googlebot crawl the variable name of a php

Except in the case of misconfiguration, the PHP code is executed on the server and what gets transmitted to the client is only the result of the execution which may be a mix of static HTML + dynamic ...
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Does Google index text from CSS and HTML files?

No, they will not. Googlebot will use the resources your site depends on (CSS, JS) to render your pages, but it will not index them. These files are not of any use for ranking. Web pages are ...
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Will adding parameters to URLs with JavaScript to pass information to Google Analytics affect SEO?

To answer your question, no it won't. As long as the page rendered from that URL is consistent. Google's URL index directs users to relevant results for their search. If Google can index your URL, ...
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How to analyse website performance

Expanding Marco's answer, try the browser first. Chrome, Brave and Firefox (and probably most others) have it built in and it is free. Do a right click and select the Inspect option [Ctrl] [Shift] [...
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