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Is it safe to use 777 for my public html folder?

Define safe. It's not a best practice. Depending on the scope of your install (e.g. who has access to the system) it may not be a big deal - for example if the only purpose of this machine is to run ...
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File system permission for MediaWiki?

The following picks up on a fresh working LAMP installation under Red Hat 7 or clone (CentOS 7, Scientific Linux 7, Orcale 7, etc). Set Selinux to permissive for the installation. setenforce 0 First ...
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Noob question - regarding images on webserver not loading when URL is typed, but do when clicked from link on index html

The problem you are having is related to case sensitivity on a unix filesystem, as well as an incorrect file extension. In your HTML you have the filename thisWeek.png however you are linking to ...
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Can .htaccess be used to set file permissions?

Apache's .htaccess files cannot be used to set unix file permissions. chmod is a command line tool for unix-like systems that is used to change the unix permissions of files on the filesystem. chmod ...
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How to set permission for a system user to particular website on plesk

The group psaserv doesn't have permission to write to /var/www/vhosts/ The middle group in the permissions (r-x) are for the group. The group has "read" (r) and "execute&...
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How to fix "Missing a temporary folder" error in Wordpress?

Well... I fixed it! But as it usually goes, I'm unsure of the exact thing that put it together. However, I will leave what I did over here, in hopes that it might help someone else in the future. ...
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Can somebody become a google search console owner by accident? most likely your previous seo agency

It's impossible for it to be an accident. What you can do, is to determine which method they used to gain access: In GSC, go to settings, and click on ownership verification. You'll see there which ...
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What file permissions should I set before I give website project folder to hosting service?

My question is what file permissions should I set for the files in this folder before I submit it to the hosting service in order to avoid problems with security, access, other things? There are ...
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Can .htaccess be used to set file permissions?

As Maximillian says, you can't do it in .htaccess, but you can do it as a cron job. Something like 0 * * * * /bin/chmod 755 /home/someuser/*.pl && /bin/chmod 600 /home/someuser/*.php
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what is the proper file permissions needed for certificate files

This is partially subjective and especially because your question lacks too many points of context like: which applications are using these certificates, which OS (based on your mention of 644 it ...
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Can't include file with php due wrong permissions on local server

It seems that the passage of a file through Mega makes it lose the group permissions and so in the server the www-data (the apache one) group doesn't have any permission and the pages just don't work. ...
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Why doesn't Apache allow access to files outside the web root --from within index.html?

This doesn't really have anything to do with Apache or server-side permissions, but more to do with how the browser resolves relative client-side URLs (according to RFC 3986). I'm assuming /html is ...
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Can uploaded files override Apache permissions?

"Option 1." Write a script. Something like create_account <student name> will do well. In the script do your create the directory(ies) and then make sure permissions are right. More or less, ...
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Can access to Google Analytics with historical data be recovered after losing administrator access?

I had a similar issue in the pass, and was able to resolve it by contacting Google directly. Google sent me a specific file I had to update on the website to prove that I really owned it, then they ...
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Can't edit files via FTP even though permissions are correct?

Only run this command on your terminal chown -R username /var/www/html and then restart the vsftpd service by using below command sudo /etc/init.d/vsftpd restart
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Can't edit files via FTP even though permissions are correct?

This drwxrwxrwx lets me know that beta is readable, writable and can be exercuted by all users of any groups, however what it doesn't tell me is that the files or folders within them folders use the ...
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Can't edit files via FTP even though permissions are correct?

As mentioned by master sensei closetnoc not all FTP connections allow that. In addition, as a Mac user I have noticed that not all FTP clients will allow editing. The best results I have gotten is ...
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File system permission for MediaWiki?

An explanation for the SELinux portion. I know next to nothing about mediawiki but use SELinux daily so I figured I would help explain what you are setting. I got the definitions from various man ...
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