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Apache Tomcat has gzip filter and it starts to zip from 2kb, my quick test tells that it's the lowest boundary, and you can increase it at least to 3-4kb. Because for 2kb you will get a similar size at the output + time penalty for zipping.


I don't think using separate SVG files for the images would be any better because that would take even more time to load because of separate HTTP requests. Efficient handling of linked images is something that browsers are specifically designed to do well. By inlining 23 MB of data in the HTML, you're blocking those optimizations. If you split the icons to ...


From what you've stated in the comments (now chat), I understand that you cannot reduce the size of these SVG files, you cannot replace them with thumbnails (e.g. small png files), and you cannot split them up onto multiple pages. In other words you are stuck with a web page that has 23MB worth of SVG files on it, and there's no way to change that. That ...

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