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4 votes

How do Google and Yahoo fetch content for pages behind a paywall or registration wall?

For Google to be able to fetch content from a paywalled site, that site's server software needs to be configured to serve up that content for free when it detects that the visitor is Googlebot. In ...
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4 votes

How to specify paywall contents for multiple pages

Unless I have misunderstood something, the example in that guide only deals with 1 particular subpage Structured data for paywalled content needs to be done on a page-by-...
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3 votes

isAccessibleForFree and cloaking

Does this mean that no matter if the user is logged in or not the server should send the full article which will hide content, if user is not logged in just via CSS? No, at least that is not what I ...
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2 votes

isAccessibleForFree and paywalled content delivered to Googlebots

The JSON-LD syntax in your example is wrong. Here's an example of an article schema with paywalled content: <html> <head> <title>Article headline</title> <script ...
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1 vote

Do search engines crawl the contents of the details tag?

Placing keywords into a tag that is that is not seen by users sounds an awful lot like cloaking. This is not the approach you should be taking for paywall content. Instead Google has an approved way ...
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1 vote

How to properly implement paywalled content

Google notes in the cited documentation, this implementation is only possible for the type CreativeWork. I don't know, whether this kind of markup, even if validated errorfree by testing tool, is ...
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1 vote

Programmatically generating tags to mark content as paywalled

I'm not fully sure what your asking so you may need to edit your question and make it more obvious but if I'm not mistaken then there are so many ways you can approach this but you need to get out of ...
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