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Can I have a SSL certificate for a domain name that redirects?

Yes, you can. Either buy multi-domain certificate if it's close to the end of primary domain certificate, or buy the certificate for the secondary domain only. My host for my primary domain doesn't ...
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SwiftMailer - fsockopen() error 500

You do not need a SSL certificate in order to send a secure email, the same way desktop computers, tablets and mobiles phones don't need one either. This could be happening because your server doesn'...
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Browsers to accept a self-signed certificate

New answer following your comment and reading again your post: I see that you created first a private key which you used to generated a self-signed certificate. You used the keyword -new which thing ...
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Are short expiration and lack of warranty disadvantages of cPanel's AutoSSL?

I would say this depends on what is going on the website along with your ability to implement the solution, also whether you have subdomains. Gauging by your question, you seem to have the ability to ...
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Researching .htaccess Syntax

I think that your question may derive from a bit of a misunderstanding of what the HTTP_ACCEPT Apache server variable is... (?) is there A HTTPS version of HTTP_ACCEPT image/webp? No. It's the ...
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Rate limit encountered when setting up Free SSL Certificates from in Plesk

You have multiple questions in one. Let's Encrypt Rate Limiting For the rate limiting part it just means that you already asked Let's Encrypt too often for the same thing. When you say "When I tried ...
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How do I get and install an SSL certificate on a Bitnami image on Amazon EC2?

I believe that means they will have to give you a private key for your server and the public certificate files if you aren't generating the CSR. If that is the case you would not need to generate a ...
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How to use Let's Encrypt free SSL on Namecheap shared hosting?

In general Let's Encrypt will often require some level of support from a shared hosting provider, and we hope to talk to many of the hosting providers to make sure that they take whatever steps ...
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How correct redirect access that are causing Let's Encrypt to not secure my website?

I suspect you have not informed your CMS of the URL change, since most content management systems use PHP redirects from a set base URL normally set in the database or a config file. Login to your ...
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Changing port from 80 to 443 redirects site to index (SSL)

You don't want to put your configuration into 000-default.conf. That file is overwritten when Apache is upgraded. Instead you should put your configuration into /etc/apache2/sites-available/...
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